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We reveal our difference in quality as a result of the care we show with our customer-oriented work in every job we do.The most critical detail for a good start is business and process management.

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What is the Message Management System?

What is IYS?

A system in which commercial messages sent by the Service Providers to the recipients cannot be sent without the consent of the recipient, except for the exceptions determined by the regulation.

Application to IYS

After completing the application form of the Message Management System-IMS, you must submit your relevant documents. IYS checks the documents shared by the company during the application, and opens your account after verification.

Service Provider and Business Partner (Integrator)

Service providers; They are real and legal persons who make use of tools such as calling, message and e-mail. Integrators are companies that literally act as a bridge between these two institutions.

Commercial Electronic Message

All electronic messages used for the purpose of promoting and marketing goods and services to be used for commercial activities or for the promotion of real and legal persons themselves.

Add movement to knowledge, make progress.

How do we improve your unnecessarily lengthy business processes?

Analysis of the current situation

What is the process now? Was it started and left halfway or not started at all?It is the most critical detail for a good start up business and process management.

Determination of the targeted structure

We aim for a faster process. For this, a goal should be determined by touching the right points. The differences with the current situation should be analyzed.

The cause of the spots slowing the process

İyileştirilmiş süreçlerin tasarlanması ve görevlerin, sorumlulukların ve yetkilerin belirlenmesi

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Increasing success at the beginning

What points should you care? Where to invest next? In a technology-fueled global economy, our mission is to support forward regions for our own initiatives.

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