Multi Vendor & Dropshipping

Each seller can have access to the admin panel to manage their products, browse sales reports and review order details about their products. Vendors do not interfere with each other's activities and a wide variety of options for setting and managing access rights allow you to automate their activities.

Unlimited customization with Hybrid B2B

Global multi-vendor store
Multiple store
Multi-seller & dropshipping

Multistore with Hybrid B2B

The multi-store feature allows you to operate several stores from a single Hybrid B2B setup. You can host multiple frontend stores on different domains (for multiple brands, products, B2B, B2C, affiliates, co-branded stores) and manage all admin operations from a single admin panel. All online stores share a single database. In this way, you can share catalog data between stores, so your customers can log into all your stores using the same user information.

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    Global Multi Vendor Store with Hybrid B2B

    With global trading features such as pre-built multi-currency and multi-language options, Hybrid B2B allows you to create an international multi-vendor store.


    Membership System

    By offering incentive options for customers to become members, realizing this will ensure that B2C e-commerce sites, where high volume and amount of sales are sold, and buyers and sellers meet common benefits.


    Difference in Payment Systems

    Since the amount of the shopping is high both in quantity and amount, diversity should be offered in terms of payment. Features that will provide flexibility in time can be added with multiple virtual POS and alternative payment systems.


    Mobile Compatibility

    Designing B2B e-commerce sites compatible with mobile devices enables buyers to carry out transactions on the go, examine products and control their orders. Easily ensure mobile compatibility with Hybrid B2B.