Finance Programs

Accounting Software

Basic Features

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    Current accounts

    ▪ Current Account Trial Balance
    ▪ Current Account Statement
    ▪ Foreign Currency Trial Balance, Statement
    ▪ Risk Tracking Current Account Aging
    ▪ Reconciliation Letter
    ▪ Installment payment tracking
    ▪ Open invoices list

    Finance Management

    ▪ Income and expenditure estimates
    ▪ Cash Flow Tracking (Firm or consolidated)
    ▪ Assets List
    ▪ Check Receivable - Tracking Notes
    ▪ Check Debt - Tracking Notes
    ▪ Letter of Guarantee Tracking
    ▪ Letter of Credit Follow-up

    Accounting Records

    ▪ Deduction, Collection, Payment
    ▪ Check-Promissory Payroll, Check-Bill Transaction
    ▪ Foreign Currency Account Transactions
    ▪ Automatic off-balance sheet receipts for Foreign Currency Accounts and Automatic Invoice integration

    Budget Tracking

    ▪ Monthly or 3 monthly budget for each account
    ▪ Comparative budget and realization reports

    Detailed Reports for Management

    ▪ Firm and Consolidated Balance Sheet, Income-Expense, Trial Balance
    ▪ Balance Sheet in Foreign Exchange, Income-Expense, Trial Balance
    ▪ Monthly Income-Expense Analysis
    ▪ Department-based income-expense reports

    Analysis Reports

    ▪ Comparative Balance Sheet (TL / Foreign Currency)
    ▪ Comparative Income-Expense (TL / Foreign Currency)
    ▪ Dupont Analysis
    ▪ Pentagon Analysis

    Invoice and Waybill

    ▪ Creating Sales Invoice / Waybill from Sales Order
    ▪ Creation of Purchase Invoice / Waybill from Purchase Order
    ▪ Import Invoice for import transactions

    Warehouse Receipts

    ▪ Product Reservation Receipt
    ▪ Inter-warehouse transfer receipt
    ▪ Production Output Receipt

    Production Slips

    ▪ Creating Production Receipt from Production Recipe
    ▪ Entering production costs
    ▪ Falling of materials and semi-finished products from stock
    ▪ Project-based production reports

    Cost of Goods Sold

    ▪ FIFO Cost calculation
    ▪ Moving Average Cost calculation
    ▪ Weighted Average Cost calculation
    ▪ FIFO and Average Inventory
    ▪ Sales Profitability Analysis

    Invoice Reports

    ▪ Sales and Purchase Turnover Reports
    ▪ Invoice lists (in order of date, current account)
    ▪ Sales to the customer
    ▪ Purchases from the supplier
    ▪ Buying orders (Upcoming product / material list)

    Stock Reports

    ▪ Stock Status Reports (Inventory Code, product group, warehouse, customer order)
    ▪ Stock movement reports (Inventory Code, product group, warehouse, customer, transaction type, consolidated or company based)