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    With the Coflow recruitment module, as the HR department, you can easily handle multi-level tasks such as identifying open positions that make up the recruitment process, sharing the search in different channels, and creating resume pools.

    Personal File

    Coflow self file module, owned by the employee; All official documents and records such as employment contract, recruitment and leave documents can be stored in the online system as verified with biometric signature. Personal files are created in digital environment in accordance with KVKK.


    With the Coflow document module, you can quickly create the official documents of your employees in the system and store them safely. After creating the documents, you can filter them according to the document type, personnel or branch and find the documents you want easily.


    With the Coflow training management module, internal and external trainings can be planned. Trainings can be categorized and reported. Trainer, participant and training content can be defined in the system. Trainings in different formats (online, written, video ...) can be uploaded.


    Coflow, the documents module allows you to upload written documents and documents that are accessible to all employees within the company.

    Debit Management

    With the Coflow debit debit module, the issuance dates of the fixtures and the dates that should be withdrawn can be entered into the system. The dates on which the fixtures are returned can also be entered into the system.


    In the Coflow performance module, you can define goals (kpi) and competencies (competencies) to the panel with the performance template selection. In the Competencies section, you can define competencies in as many different groups as you want, such as corporate, professional and organizational skills.


    With Coflow expenditures module, expenditures; You can manage them by categorizing them under the headings of expenditure types, advances and per diem. All expenditures made inside or outside the business are recorded in the system in real time.


    With the Coflow health module, data such as the health conditions and histories of the employees, previous surgeries, medications used regularly can be processed into the system, with written permission from the employees or upon their request.


    With the Coflow messages module, meeting notes and important developments can be shared with the team instantly. Messages in the form of SMS, e-mail, application notification can be sent to all department-based employees collectively or only to selected employees with filtering feature.


    With the Coflow offboarding module, as in the recruitment process, the entire process that occurs in the event of an employee's dismissal can be managed through the system without any trouble.


    With the Coflow payrolls module, employees' payrolls can be viewed from the human resources menu, under documents. All payrolls on a monthly basis can be uploaded to the system. Payroll module works double-sided integrated with all ERP programs.