Sales Management

Purchasing Management

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    Price and Discount

    Manage sales and purchase prices, discounts and promotions through a single system.


    Pre-accounting components with all the details you may need in your business life are on a single system.


    Full support for e-transformation processes, whether in the field or in the office.

    Product Listing and Catalog

    Apply the list / exclusion conditions to your products during the sales stages in channel breakdowns, diversify your field sales processes with visual catalogs.

    Point and Field Personnel Tracking

    Monitor your points and field personnel instantly, direct them, collect data in the field.

    ERP Integrations

    You can work integrated with many common ERP systems.

    Purchase Budget Tracking

    ▪ Determination of purchasing budgets
    ▪ Sending the budget for approval
    ▪ Budget realization reports

    Purchase Request

    Purchase Request Form is filled for product purchase and sent for approval. The request form is approved by e-signature by the authorities. The approval result is notified to the requesting person.

    Supplier Evaluation

    ▪ Periodic visit planning and tracking
    ▪ Periodic call planning and tracking
    ▪ Displaying sales representative activities in the common agenda

    Request an Offer

    The suppliers from which a proposal will be requested can be selected from the purchasing group, sector order or alphabetical company order lists. Offer Request requests are sent to selected companies with a click (by e-mail or fax).

    Incoming Offers

    Offers and prices received by e-mail are automatically saved in the system. A copy of the received offer is kept. All offers and details regarding a request can be easily monitored.
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    ▪ Purchasing process report (Request, Request for Offer, Incoming Offers, Purchase Order)
    ▪ Price Research List
    ▪ Comparative incoming bid lists
    ▪ Expected product / ingredients list