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    Project preparation

    We start by creating a project team consisting of personnel and managers who know your processes well in your company under the control of a project manager selected from our consultants.


    At this stage, the aim is; As Coflow Technology, to examine your processes in detail and to identify the positive or negative points of change in your business throughout the project.

    Detailed Planning

    After the analysis phase, the project team prepares a detailed adaptation plan by considering all your needs according to the new flows that emerge. Get support for more information.


    The works required for the adaptation of the system are implemented step by step in line with the detailed plan. These include data transfer, end user training, additional software development, modular and integration tests.

    Project Completion

    When all the milestones within the plan are completed, the project team analyzes the goals and results achieved and prepares the project closing report.


    We regularly offer all services such as eliminating system errors and transferring legislative changes within the framework of support agreements.


    During the project stages, trainings are carried out by the relevant staff. Additional training can be provided if needed. Get support for more information.


    The aim of the program, the trainings; determining the needs, increasing the training and instructor performance and providing the customers with the necessary knowledge and skills.