What is the Message Management System?

What is IYS?

A system in which commercial messages sent by the Service Providers to the recipients cannot be sent without the consent of the recipient, except for the exceptions determined by the regulation.

Application to IYS

After completing the application form of the Message Management System-IMS, you must submit your relevant documents. IYS checks the documents shared by the company during the application, and opens your account after verification.

Service Provider and Business Partner (Integrator)

Service providers; They are real and legal persons who make use of tools such as calling, message and e-mail. Integrators are companies that literally act as a bridge between these two institutions.

Commercial Electronic Message

All electronic messages used for the purpose of promoting and marketing goods and services to be used for commercial activities or for the promotion of real and legal persons themselves.

How Does the Message Management System Work for Service Providers?

A Service Provider is a natural or legal person who sends messages with data, audio and video content, which are sent electronically and for commercial purposes, by using a telephone, call center, automatic call machine, smart voice recorder system, electronic mail, short message service.

Reports always at hand

Approval and rejection notifications sent to the Message Management System are reported daily. All leave actions of your customers are recorded separately for each communication channel.

One notification for every approval

Service Providers will transmit the approval and rejection notifications they receive outside the Message Management System to the Message Management System via the web interface or technical integration. The Message Management System will send a notification to the recipients for the approvals transmitted to it. Buyers will be able to use their exit rights through these confirmation notifications.

Milestone for messages

Operators will query whether the recipients are approved or not through the Message Management System. As of January 16 2021, Service Providers will not be able to send commercial electronic messages to recipients without approval on the Message Management System.

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