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    We create the potential customer scale according to the Drip marketing rules (step by step marketing).

    We give you an idea about the web page design where the product will be marketed, if you wish, we create it for you.

    We prepare the analysis document you need with our expert consultants who have deep knowledge of design and user experience.

    We ensure that all groups are synchronized so as to balance the wishes and demands of customer groups and complement the product vision.

    We do not forget that time is important for you and for us. In the time we use it efficiently, we deal with events, not people.

    The return is as important to the customer as the product itself. We do not keep all of our focus on the product. We can look at the situation from a broad perspective.

    We make timely reporting regarding the work we focus on. We take care to make the product development process transparent throughout the organization.

    Instead of trying to solve all the problems of our customers immediately, we make a priority and time plan. We act according to a development plan.

    We provide necessary training to your sales team. We can also say that we organize the product according to the sales team and the sales team according to the product.

    We search for potential business partnerships, find out who you will collaborate with to spread the product in the target geography and put them into practice.

    We are aware of technological developments and work with our developer team to reflect them on the product where necessary.

    A well skilled product manager; It should be a person who can make decisions and communicate clearly.