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    Determining the Aims of the Project

    Coflow Technology, organizes an introductory meeting with its customer. The purpose of this meeting is to obtain information about the company, to carry out preliminary activities for further studies and to introduce the services offered to the customer. Every "Software Project" is primarily a project. Therefore, the completion of the software on time and with the desired qualifications depends on the good management of the project. The most important factor for Coflow is to be able to commit to the end of the project within a certain time frame with a certain beginning and end.


    During this promotion, which is made specifically for the company, listening to the problems of the customer and how to solve the problems in the next meeting can be presented to the customer company or a "System Analysis" study, which is the cornerstone of a possible project, is directed. The goal of system analysis is to reveal the organizational structure of the company.


    This process includes the installation of the program, training, designing reports and integration with other systems. At this stage, the structure of our planning is as follows.

    - Organizational structure
    - Work flows
    - Job descriptions
    - Information processing infrastructure
    - Internal and external data and document flow - Internal and external material flow
    - Production technology

    Project Termination

    All works done during the implementation phase are tested and explained to the customer in detail, and then submitted for customer approval. With the final approval received from the customer, the project is finalized and delivered to the customer.