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    Cloud-based infrastructure,
    User-friendly interface,
    Multi-language support.

    Indication of the location and department where the Fixed Asset is located.
    Getting inventory lists based on location.

    Tracking all movements of a fixed asset on the basis of company, institution, department and the person it was delivered to.

    Each fixed asset has a number, follow-up of any changes made, and keep past records even if they leave the community.

    The project is not limited to the ERP tracking dimension, but also establishing a procedure for fixed asset movements.

    Determining the units responsible for intra-company action according to fixed asset types.

    Barcode system implementation.

    MS AD, SCCM, human resources software, ERP, Help Desk etc. Integration with software, flexible structure.

    Separate monitoring of fixed assets out of depreciation.

    Associating embezzlement records with personnel files, tracking fixtures based on location, department and cost center.

    Distribution of inventory costs to departments.

    All scheduled e-mail notifications, information ready to report.