Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations with Coflow's Odoo Manufacturing Management Solutions 

Master Your Production Process with Odoo ERP

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Master Your Production Process with Odoo ERP

Coflow offers top-notch services for businesses seeking to enhance their manufacturing operations with Odoo's robust ERP solutions. Our expertise in Odoo's Manufacturing Management module provides comprehensive control and visibility over every aspect of the production process, from planning and execution to quality control and delivery.

A Comprehensive Approach to Manufacturing

Beyond Just Production

Manufacturing is multifaceted, involving more than just production. With Odoo’s dedicated modular infrastructure, we provide tools that manage the entire lifecycle of manufacturing, ensuring complete control and visibility at every stage.

  • Modernized Interface: User-friendly and intuitive.
  • Automation Embedded: Streamline repetitive tasks with automated processes.
  • Master Production Schedule: Plan and monitor production timelines effectively.
  • Complete Management and Visibility: Gain 360-degree oversight of your manufacturing operations.

Customized Manufacturing Management

Tailored Control for Your Production Operations

Odoo’s manufacturing module serves as the command center for all your production activities, allowing you to manage and optimize every aspect of manufacturing.

  • Plan Manufacturing Operations: Schedule and oversee your production processes.
  • Define Work Centers: Set up and manage distinct work areas.
  • Create Work Orders: Generate and track work orders for streamlined production.
  • Draft Bill of Materials: Assign BOMs to products and categories.
  • Product and Raw Material Routing: Optimize material flow through your facility.
  • Process Control Panels: Monitor and control production processes in real-time.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): Measure and enhance equipment efficiency.
  • Subcontracting: Manage subcontracting processes seamlessly.
  • Manage By-Products: Efficiently handle and utilize by-products.
  • Assign Manufacturing Lead Times: Define and adhere to production schedules.

Advanced Engineering and Planning Tools

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Control and streamline your product development processes with Odoo’s dedicated PLM tools.

  • Engineering Change Orders: Implement and manage changes efficiently.
  • BOM Management: Create and update bills of materials.
  • Approval Processes: Ensure all changes go through proper approval channels.

Comprehensive Maintenance Management

Keep Your Equipment in Top Shape

Odoo’s maintenance module helps you manage maintenance operations for all your production equipment and devices.

  • Maintenance Dashboard: A centralized view of all maintenance activities.
  • Dedicated Teams: Create and manage maintenance teams.
  • Calendar View: Schedule and track maintenance requests.
  • Equipment Management: Define and track equipment in various work centers.
  • Maintenance Reports: Generate and analyze maintenance performance.

Ensuring Quality Control

Robust Quality Management

Odoo’s quality control module ensures that your production processes meet the highest standards.

  • Quality Overview: A clear view of all quality control activities.
  • Custom Quality Control Teams: Create and manage specialized teams.
  • Quality Control Points: Define critical points for quality checks.
  • Quality Checks and Alerts: Automate and assign quality checks and alerts.

Efficient Inventory Management

Seamless Handling of Raw Materials and Finished Goods

Manage your inventory efficiently with Odoo’s advanced inventory management tools.

  • Multiple Warehouses: Manage stock across multiple locations.
  • Stock Levels: Set minimum and maximum stock levels.
  • Barcode Scanning: Improve accuracy and speed of inventory operations.
  • Stock Forecasting: Predict and plan for future inventory needs.
  • Expiry Dates and Lot Numbers: Manage product lifespan and traceability.
  • Inventory Adjustment Tools: Make accurate inventory adjustments.
  • Automated Valuation: Automate inventory valuation for accuracy.

Selling Your Products Made Easy

Diverse Sales Channels

Odoo supports various sales methods, ensuring you can reach your customers through multiple channels.

  • Quotation Templates: Utilize default templates for quick quotations.
  • Email Quotations: Send quotations directly to customers.
  • Sales Orders: Create and manage sales orders efficiently.
  • Payment Methods: Define and manage multiple payment options.
  • Promotional Programs: Create and manage coupons and promotions.
  • Shipping Integration: Connect with shipping providers for streamlined delivery.

Why Choose Coflow?

Expertise and Customization

Odoo is highly adaptable to suit your specific business needs. Coflow’s team of dedicated Odoo developers and experts ensures that your manufacturing operations are precisely tailored and optimized for success.

  • Tailored Solutions: Customized to meet your unique production requirements.
  • Expert Implementation: Leverage our extensive experience for seamless integration.
  • Global Reach: Successfully implement Odoo solutions for businesses worldwide.

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